My name is Andy Smith and I am a full-time Forex trader. I started trading part time 15 years ago as a hobby but quickly became fascinated to the point that I wanted to do it full time. Therefore after 5 yrs of demos and small accounts, I decided to sell my business and started trading full time. At first, I thought I had made a very big mistake as I lost 3 accounts in the first 5 years. I refused to give up and started to learn about risk and money management from various webinars and by following some very accomplished traders on Twitter. My losses started to get less and my winners more, and when I found fractals 4 yrs ago everything turned around and my trading took off.

I trade solely using fractals  with solid risk reward and money management principles. I learned patience and discipline and the most important thing: Not to listen to anyone else and to trust my trades. Daily and 4hr fractals enable me to have a very strong bias on the direction of currency pairs, either bullish or bearish and when taken down to lower time frames I am able to find further fractals that show me the structure of how the larger trend develops, ie the swings in Fibonacci extensions and retracements.

I have been following Marc for over 3 years now and we are in constant contact. It was only recently that we found that on many occasions my fractals correlated with his Pitchforks to a very high degree, and the idea of Fractals and Forks was born.

We wanted to provide a service that was both educational to our subscribers and also to help others less fortunate, so we decided that the vast majority of money that comes in will go to a charity here in the Dominican Republic that looks after people who have no food or clothes and provides for them.